Tween Photo Camp Montana Beach, CA '16 Day Three

Today we started with an embroidery project on photos printed on fabric. Then we went to San Francisco to the Sutra Baths. We focused on composition and lighting and we explored the interesting remains from the once high end baths.

Tween Photo Camp Montana Beach '16 Day Two

Today we went to Filoli gardens. Today's focus was showing motion with shutter speed techniques like panning, stop motion, and blur. We then had a scavenger hunt throughout the gardens.

Tween Photo Camp Montara Beach '16

Day one was documentary photography at Potrero Nuevo Farms. I taught the girls storytelling photography using wide, medium and tight shots. We talked about the importance of showing motion and emotion in order to engage the audience into the story. We loved spending the morning at the farm documenting the love and hard work of all those that help make the farm run. We ended the day watching the whales that have come into the Half Moon Bay and tons of pelicans that follow the whales. 

Photo CAMP '15 Day Four

Today was extra exciting because the girls had their final photo critic to pick the photo that would be displayed and on sale at the Montara Cafe & Bakery. They decided to donate half of the sales to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve where we photographed yesterday. The gallery will be on display through 4th of July weekend and each photo is on sale for $30.

We had lunch at the cafe and then went to the beautiful Montara beach to photograph for our final project: photo snow globes.

Teaching people to see everyday beauty in the world around them is my life passion. It was an honor to teach these girls and see their amazing artwork they created.

PHOTO CAMP '15 Day Three

Today we made pillows from our photos and then Leanne showed the girls how to embroider around the photos, which turned out beautifully. Then we sent to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve for a picnic lunch. There we worked on depth of field photos and portraiture.

PHOTO CAMP '15 Day Two

We had a special treat today and got to photograph at Harley Farms Goat Dairy: The girls got lots of love from the goats. We also got to see up close the making of the Harley Farms award winning cheese. In the beautiful barn we practiced portraiture and photo essence, photographing a person with a neutral expression to better see their true character. We ended with a picnic in their beautiful secret garden where we saw a butterfly come to it's first flight.